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The one and only #Pride clockface for your Fitbit Versa, Versa 2 and Versa Lite! It's a beautiful rainbow colored clockface. It has two screens for you avaiable. First of all the screen with all stats, these are the Heart Rate, Steps, Calories, Active Minutes and the distance. Screen number two has the same beautiful background but then shows you just the time without any stats. Want to switch screens? Just tap the screen to switch between them. #Pride also allows you to set which screen is your default screen, so when you restart your fitbit or when after a run the clockface is resarted it will automatically show you the screen that you prefer!

Note: This is a paid clockface, you'll get all functionality for free during the 24 hour trial period. When the trial has ended you can get the clockface for lifetime for only $1,00!

Watchface $1.00 Versa Versa 2 Versa Lite

#Clean Analog V Watchface $1.00 Versa 3 Sense

Keep it #Clean!

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