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Do you have any questions? On this page you can find the most frequently asked questions. Have a question that's not on here? Contact Sutlabs via Messenger and we are happy to help you!

After a 24 hour trial your watch will display a five digit code. Take this code to and complete the checkout form. Your watchface will be activated immediately after, and you've bought the watchface for lifetime.

If you like one of the clocks you've seen on this website, then you could click on the "Try for Free" button. When pressed you will be linked to the Fitbit app gallery. When arrived you can install the watchface on your Fitbit device.

If you've uninstalled a watchface and later reinstall it, it must be activated once again. Go to and enter the 5 digit code and the email adress you've purchased the watchface with. Then the watchface will be unlocked again!

After each purchase, you receive a "Purchase Success" e-mail from KPay. This e-mail shows you exactly what you purchased and how you can install the whatchface or app you purchased. In case you lost those e-mails, you can lookup your purchases here.

All the apps and clockfaces sold on Sutlabs are one time payments for a lifetime license. However, because Fitbit does not give us the means to recognize you after you remove and reinstall an app or clockface, it might ask for payment again if you ever remove and reinstall it. When that happens you can unlock it again for free by going to

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