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Sutlabs is the place to get your clocks and apps for your Fitbit device. All apps and clocks are made with a lot of passion in The Netherlands. Because of the passion for software development, developer Robin, wants to create the perfect product. So quality is a key ingredient for our products. We also care about you! You are important to us, so you can contact Sutlabs always via Facebook Messenger directly for any questions, ideas or more.

As said before quality is one of the most important things for Sutlabs. We intensively test our apps and clocks so we give you the best product possible. Quality checks are done on a couple different components. Some of them are usability for instance, or even battery performance. With battery performance tests we test our clocks installed and see how long you can use them without charging the Fitbit device, and of course while using the Fitbit device as usual. We get it that you don't want to charge your Fitbit device every day.

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Contact Sutlabs via Facebook Messenger if you have any questions, ideas or anything else.

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