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#Bars is the perfect watchface for you if you like to keep track of your daily goals! You'll easily see how close you are from achieving your daily goals. You can also customize the color scheme, were you can modify it to your needs, with 1296 different combinations! #Bars is available for your Fitbit Versa, Versa 2 and Versa Lite!
- #Bars includes:
- 1296 different color combinations possible!
- Top bar shows your battery percentage.
- Easily keep track of your daily goals.
- Distance displayed in meters or miles.

Note: This is a paid clockface, you'll get all functionality for free during the 24 hour trial period. When the trial has ended you can get the clockface for lifetime for only $1.00!

Watchface $1.00 Versa Versa 2 Versa Lite

#Clean Analog V Watchface $1.00 Versa 3 Sense

Keep it #Clean!

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